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Radioactive material confiscated

VILNIUS - Lithuanian police have detained two Belarusian citizens who allegedly tried to smuggle rad

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Lithuania becoming land of missed opportunities, president warns

VILNIUS - The year 2006 saw democracy tested in Lithuania, the country failed to start much-needed r

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Ansip pledges to stay the course

On April 20 Estonian Prime Minister Andrus Ansip faced a meeting of the joint foreign chambers of co

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Latvija in brief - 2007-04-25

Riga police arrested three men on April 23 for possession of approximately 25,000 lats (35,500 euros

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Lembergs' motion for bail denied

RIGA - In the latest development of an ongoing high level corruption scandal, Ventspils city mayor A

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Experts predict intense elections battle

RIGA - As the first round of parliamentary debate over the next president quickly approaches, Latvia

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With the exodus of so many English-speaking Estonians into the promised land, one can instantly see

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Readers of the Earl of Carlisle's letter in last week's edition of The Baltic Times may have gained

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He gave the Baltics their independence, yet he sent an armored brigade into Chechnya to intimidate t

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Eesti in brief - 2007-04-25

Only 23 percent of young men eligible for compulsory military service were found fully fit to be dra

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