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Film banned but not canned

TALLINN - In the space of a week, a Tallinn filmmaker has slipped from elation to devastation after

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A very French spring comes to Riga

RIGA - It's impossible to walk more than a few blocks in Riga these days without hearing something a

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Kirkilas slams Russia on democracy

VILNIUS - Cooperation between Europe and Russia is necessary and essential, but Europe should not in

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Keep the soldier: Estonian professors

TALLINN - Following a week of moves and counter-moves by parties trying to influence the fate of the

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European Parliament passes genocide law, rejects Baltic demands

RIGA - The European Parliament passed a long awaited law on April 19 making the denial of the Holoca

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Baltic politicians praise Yeltsin's legacy

TALLINN - Former Russian President Boris Yeltsin died in a Moscow hospital on April 23, at the age o

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Signatures still needed

RIGA - As of April 25, slightly more than 110,000 signatures had been collected in favour of holding

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Latvian police expose illegal cigarette warehouse

On April 18, Latvian National Police uncovered a illegal warehouse in Talsi containing more than 77,

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Lithuanian museum to kick off travelling exhibition

The Lithuanian History Museum of Trakai is due to be the first stop of a travelling exhibition value

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Estonian National Defense Council supports president's amendments

The Estonian national defense council has unanimously endorsed President Toomas Hendrik Ilves's

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