• 2007-04-25
  • John Slade, Tallinn
With the exodus of so many English-speaking Estonians into the promised land, one can instantly see the downward slide into which the country is now heading. Any tourist will tell you that trying to buy a gift has taken on such a struggle that it's not worth the aggravation.

Go into the major stores and ask for advice, and you're passed around until you forget what you wanted to ask. The shortage of labor now means many more long lines at the checkouts due to the fact that those who could understand English have better paid jobs somewhere else. English is spoken by 750,000,000 people as their second language alone. The European language, like it or not, is English, and unless the education department takes major steps to encourage its schools to focus on the English language, the future for the Estonian business community and commerce in general will continue to be second tier.


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