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The region in brief

The "Bourbon Dolphin," a Norwegian supply vessel, sank in the North Sea on April 15, taking with it

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Russian media quiet on police crackdown

While television viewers around the world watched dramatic scenes of Russia's police crackdown on op

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Gas pipeline officials dangle carrot for Balts

RIGA - Officials of NordStream, the $4 billion German-Russian gas pipeline project, have made clear

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Staffing woes wound the Baltic tiger

TALLINN - "If we had known then what we know now, Estonia would have been the last place we would ha

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Corporate tax fixes revealed

TALLINN - Estonia's new corporate tax system will be known in a matter of months after the Finance M

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Allegations fly after revelation of secret pact

RIGA - Fresh evidence has emerged of a secret agreement between political and business leaders in La

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Paksas ally elected Vilnius mayor

VILNIUS - Lithuania's impeached president Rolandas Paksas did not become mayor of Vilnius as some pu

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Russia, Estonia, and the EU: the saga of the bronze soldier continues

TALLINN - Relations between Russia, Estonia and the EU have been on the rocks lately, due in large p

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Latvian police make arrest in three-year-old murder case

Police have detained a suspect in connection with the 2004 murder of Ukrainian businessman Olexy Zha

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Finns welcome Estonian alcohol tax hike

The Finnish prime minister-elect has welcomed an announcement that Estonia intends to increase its a

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