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Vilnius' new home for performance art

VILNIUS - Behind the gates of a defunct, Soviet-era printing factory, piles of dirt, gaping pits and

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To serve, protect and survive the boredom

RIGA - It was about 9 p.m. when I approached the imposing state police van parked in Doma Laukums 's

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Across the Russian border, looking back

TALLINN - I packed two bottles of Vana Tallinn liquor for my trip to St. Petersburg. One was for the

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Can a music festival really bridge borders?

VILNIUS - Among a sea of colorful tents, several nations' flags wave high in the sky against a backd

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Performing for pennies: the life of a busker

RIGA- Riga's Old Town is full ofmusic these days. On manya street corner a musician,complete

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Is Estonia silencing its opponents?

TALLINN - From the outset, it should be said that this article does not seek to support any group or

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'Capital of Culture' ...and construction

VILNIUS -  To the sound of drills buzzing and cutting through rock, a construction worker fits

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Stopping sex 'terrorism' in Riga

RIGA - To anyone walking the streets of Riga's Old Town on a Friday or Saturday night it is abundant

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Tourists checking out of Tallinn

TALLINN - "When I arrived in Tallinn in August 2003, we had 3,900 hotel rooms available. By the end

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The line between fans and hooligans

By now everyone in Lithuania knows the infamous tale of that July 8 match, when what was supposed to

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