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Seeing the forest for the trees in Klaipeda

KLAIPEDA - My friends and I have always enjoyed the forests and open areas around Klaipeda, and it i

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A very French spring comes to Riga

RIGA - It's impossible to walk more than a few blocks in Riga these days without hearing something a

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Staffing woes wound the Baltic tiger

TALLINN - "If we had known then what we know now, Estonia would have been the last place we would ha

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England meets Latvia on the airwaves

RIGA - There's no use denying it. For whatever reason, the British seem to have a strange fascinatio

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Linguistic enlightenment on your bus ride

VILNIUS - Anyone who takes public transportation in the Baltics knows the score. It's inevitable tha

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Estonia addresses its redneck problem

TALLINN - "They are all idiots," sings Vaiko Eplik, shaggy-haired Estonian alternative rock musician

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Best-loved writer Gone with the Dreams

VILNIUS - Jurga Ivanauskaite is a unique figure in contemporary literature in the Baltic states. So

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Spreading the good word on green food

RIGA - Latvians take their food very seriously. This is evident on every street corner, where tradit

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Estonians enjoy Slovakia on the cheap

SLOVAKIA - It's a worrying indicator of culinary quality when Estonians begin complaining about blan

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The Curonian Spit: infinite change beneath a mask of timelessness

NIDA - The 98-kilometer long Curonian Spit 's a strip of land peacefully shared by Lithuania and Kal

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