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Latvian cyclists reach critical mass

RIGA - Shortly after buying a bike and joining the Riga cycling community, I heard about a worldwide

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A hitchhiker's guide to Saaremaa

SAAREMAA - "When we saw your tent, we thought, 'Somebody very poor must live there.'"A tent

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Two hundred years after the 'peace' of Tilsit

KLAIPEDA - Prussia's Frederick Wilhelm III and his wife, Louise, first hosted Russia's Alexander I i

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A Midsummer night's dream

RIGA - Quests for magical fern blossoms and healing springs, talismans to ward off evil spirits

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Estonia kicks the habit

TALLINN - Estonia is quitting cigarettes cold turkey, and on the first weekend she was as edgy as an

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Coping with the heat, Lithuanian style

VILNIUS - They say that Lithuanians like to talk about the weather almost as much as the British, an

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The changing face of Andrejsala

RIGA - While all cities develop in different ways, certain trends seem to be universal. One such tre

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Eurovision and the politics of identity

For most of us, Eurovision is synonymous with flashy costumes and cheesy pop. However William Payne,

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Neighborhood activism reborn in Tartu

TARTU - On Saturday, May 19, the Karlova district of Tartu will celebrate Karlovapaevad, or Karlova

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A place to play Dirty Harry, Soviet style

RIGA - Riga offers quite a few interesting nooks and crannies, places a little outside of the ever p

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