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TALKING TAX: Playing 'catch me if you can' blindly

We often see in our practice that a considerable number of foreign businesses operating in Latvia ke

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Finns to trek to Riga for booze?

TALLINN - The price gap in alcohol products on both sides of the Gulf of Finland will remain despite

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Lithuanian economy up 8.1 percent in first half of 2007

VILNIUS - Gross domestic product in Lithuania grew 8.1 percent over the first six months of the year

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Trade imbalance continues to dog Estonian economy

TALLINN - Preliminary numbers on Estonia's foreign trade balance for May 2007 showed a deficit of fo

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Soft landing begins for Latvia, Estonia

RIGA - The Estonian and Latvian economies are settling into the eagerly awaited "soft landing," as E

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Estonian trade deficit stabilising

TALLINN - According to preliminary data from Statistics Estonia, Estonian foreign trade turnover inc

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TALKING TAX: VAT refund according to the Eight VAT Directive

The unified VAT system established by the so-called EU VAT directives is one of the biggest achievem

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Latvian inflation rages on

RIGA - Inflation at the producer level in Latvia continues unabated in the second quarter of 2007, i

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Food prices poised to increase

TALLINN - Estonian food producers fear that rising global demand amid a forecast deficit of cereals

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Almunia hints that government should do more to tackle imbalances

RIGA - The EU's monetary commissioner visited the union's hottest economy last week, telling governm

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