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Building costs soar in Latvia, Estonia

RIGA - Construction prices catapulted 30 percent in Latvia in the first three months of 2007, the hi

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TALKING TAX: Any tax due on Lithuanian share transfer?

This question is one of the first that foreign investors address to their local advisors, as evaluat

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Prices rise ever faster in Latvia, Estonia

RIGA - Inflation continued its unrestrained tromp through Latvia and Estonia in March, as consumer p

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Barroso, Adamkus defend Grybauskaite

VILNIUS - European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and President Valdas Adamkus came to the

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Bank of Latvia chief launches PR campaign

RIGA - Bank of Latvia President Ilmars Rimsevics went on a public relations offensive last week, dis

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EU officials to discuss Russian tariffs

RIGA - EU officials have promised to challenge Russia over the latter's system of discriminatory rai

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Inflation set to soar in Estonia, state content with budget surplus

TALLINN - Citing growth in wages and administered prices, the Finance Minister last week revised its

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TALKING TAX: Changes to procedures in Latvia's double tax treaties

Latvia is signatory to a number of treaties to avoid double taxation in both Latvia and the other tr

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Estonia, Lithuania dismiss overheating anxiety spread by Latvia

RIGA - Latvia's economic overheating anxiety and its attendant fears of an imminent currency devalua

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TALKING TAX: Regulation and means of protection of business secrets in Estonia

In practice, every business activity includes secret information, the publication of which may cause

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