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Latvia finally tends to runaway economy, but measures may be 'too little too late'

RIGA - The government finally approved a plan to combat runaway inflation last week, though internat

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TALKINF TAX: Time for advance rulings system?

Legal certainty is a key element in a good tax system. Its implementation, however, is not easy. Tax

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Lithuanian economy hums along, skirts hard-landing scenario

RIGA - Lithuania's economy exspanded 7.5 percent in 2006 as development stabilized and the country r

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TALKING TAX: Finland establishes new ways to enforce taxes

Finland has seen a steady inflow of Estonia's workforce for nearly a decade. Accession to the EU cre

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Swedbank stock takes dive on lat devaluation fears

RIGA - Fears of an imminent devaluation of the lat, however unfounded, continued to haunt both the c

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Latvia has cheapest gas, thinnest men

TALLINN - Eurostat, the EU's central statistics agency, issued a slew of provocative economic data t

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Devaluation talk irks Kalvitis, Central Bank

RIGA - An ongoing discussion on the strength of Latvia's currency has created political turmoil and

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Grybauskaite against diesel excise hike

VILNIUS - European Budget Commissioner Dalia Grybauskaite, a native Lithuanian, has expressed her op

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Estonia's economy grows 11.5 percent in 2006

TALLINN - The Finance Ministry reported on Feb. 13 that Estonia's economy grew 11.5 percent, making

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Latvia's fourth quarter GDP astounds, while inflation continues to depress

RIGA - Latvia's economy grew by a head-spinning 11.9 percent in the fourth quarter compared to the s

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