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Estonia, Latvia grapple with enormous current account deficits

RIGA - Estonia and Latvia's economies are the fastest growing in Europe thanks largely to an unrestr

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TALKING TAX: Harmonization of direct taxation: future or fiction?

Currently the field of direct taxation in the EU is not harmonized. Compared with the sphere of

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EU commissioner says Gazprom won't be exception to trade rules

TALLINN - The European Union's competition commissioner has warned that Russia's Gazprom may ha

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Russian government picks favorites for Estonian transit

TALLINN - Six weeks after the removal of the Bronze Soldier monument, smaller oil exporters have bor

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Estonian GDP plows ahead 9.8 percent

TALLINN - Estonia's economy grew 9.8 percent in the first quarter of 2007, continuing its second-bes

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'Banana republic' of Latvia losing competitiveness at 'dramatic rate'

RIGA - Annual growth of gross domestic product and inflation backtracked slightly in May, though the

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TALKING TAX: Capital duty in Lithuania?

In the beginning of April the Lithuanian Ministry of Justice adopted new regulations on notaries' fe

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Kalvitis asks Latvians to stop spending

RIGA - Prime Minister Aigars Kalvitis, speaking in a radio interview over the weekend, appealed to L

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S&P's hits Lithuania with negative outlook

VILNIUS - The rating agency Standard & Poor's last week revised Lithuania's ratings outlook to negat

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Parliament passes tax amendments with aim to decrease tax burden

TALLINN - In its first big move since taking power in April, the government on May 24 adopted a pack

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