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Bad timing for Eurobond issue

VILNIUS 's Lithuanian government officials have admitted that their timing for a new 650m euro bond

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Latvia returns to double-digit price growth

RIGA - The economic doomsayers won out in Latvia after the Central Statistics Department announced o

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Lithuanian inflation hits 5.5 percent

VILNIUS - Lithuania completed the cycle of rampant inflation in the Baltic states, announcing on Sep

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Expected utility hike could send Estonian inflation higher

TALLINN - Annual inflation in Estonia reached 5.7 percent in August, with economists warning of an e

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Danes note worrying inflation figures

COPENHAGEN - Danske Bank financial analysts Lars Christensen and David Pedersen have signalled the d

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TALKING TAX - Issues arising from M&A transactions

One important aspect of mergers and acquisitions is knowing to what degree a company or companies be

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Wage growth surpasses productivity

TALLINN - The wage growth-productivity gap in Estonia widened in the second quarter, underscoring th

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Ministers hope Latvian workers will return home en masse

RIGA - Latvian leaders, faced with a worsening labor market crunch, have made an increasing number o

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Ansip backtracks on tax forecast

TALLINN - Two Cabinet officials have stated that the government doesn't intend to either raise or lo

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Latvia unlikely to witness repeat of U.S. lending crisis 's for now

RIGA - The recent crisis in the U.S. subprime mortgage market raised the specter of a similar loan d

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