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A friendly tradition

For me and my friends, a good summer cannot be complete without a canoe trip on one of the many rive

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Guided tour worth the wet clothes

More often than not, if you are canoeing in the Baltics, you are surrounded by beautiful nature and

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Island hopping

Estonia's coastline is speckled with a constellation of islands, more than 1500 of them, in various

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Boating adventures

Most of us love to be in a boat. And it does not matter if the boat is a one person kayak or a large

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Saulkrasti latches onto jazz tradition

RIGA - Jazz was commonly played, not quite legally, during the Soviet-era in Latvia. Still, the coun

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In brief - 2006-07-26

Palladium, one of Estonia's most successful competition horses in history, had to be put down after

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New legislation favors Lithuanian basketball star

VILNIUS - Lithuanian Parliament passed an amendment to the Citizenship Law, submitted by President V

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Company briefs - 2006-07-26

Latvia's mobile telecommunications operator, Tele2, announced that its number of clients has reached

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Taking counsel: Remuneration of managers in Estonian companies

Remuneration of board members is usually stipulated in the agreement for members of the management b

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Investing in the Baltics 's Is there an alternative to real estate?

In recent years the Baltics have shown outstanding economic results, which in turn have been accompa

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