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Lithuanian Foreign Ministry in dispute with Russia over Siberian visas

Lithuania's Foreign Ministry protested Russia's refusal to issue visas to a group of Lithuanians who

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Two candidates remain on five-party list

TALLINN - Five parties, searching for a common candidate to elect president in Parliament, have left

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Latvian choir to sing in China

RIGA - Riga Technical University's male choir, Gaudeamus, will travel to Xiamen, China for the 4th W

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Anarchists picket outside Russian Embassy

TALLINN - Anarchists held a picket in front of the Russian Embassy in Tallinn yesterday afternoon, c

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Eight people burned in explosion

VILNIUS - Eight people were injured during an explosion in the Vilnius district of Kirtimai this mor

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Movie review

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's ChestThe DarkUltraviolet

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City Council prohibits gay pride parade

Citing security concerns, the Riga City Council meetings decided against authorizing the gay pride p

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My Prima Donna Swamp Princess: 30. HABERDASHERY

As much as I was growing attached to the princess, she could still madden me like no other person I'

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Don't folk this up

TALLINN - "I walked into a room, and it was empty except for a man playing a contra-bass," says an E

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July 21 's 23 In all of the Baltics, Klaipeda probably offers the closest thing to g

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