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Ready to have a gastronomical time?

RIGA - There are very few comforts from home - home being a metropolitan center somewhere in the Uni

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TBT recommends - 2006-07-19

EstoniaDIANAProbably the best-kept secret in Tallinn. This local haun

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Paint it red, simply

RIGA - Everyone who has seen "24 Hour Party People" 's the film that made you a scholar of the '80s

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Company briefs - 2006-07-19

Lietuvos Rytas reported that a group of Italian investors plan to build a logistics center on a four

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Taking counsel: A building permit is not always needed when dividing premises

In order to build a new structure (e.g., an office building, a dwelling-house or a bakehouse), the f

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Linstow plans a 150 million euro mega-mall

RIGA - Linstow Center Management has announced plans to build the largest shopping park in the Balti

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Cilija pizza to expand throughout Eastern Europe

VILNIUS - Cilija, operator of the largest pizza chain in the Baltics, has announced plans to enter t

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Baltic mobile operators watch 'roaming debate' in Brussels

VILNIUS - Baltic mobile operators are mulling over efforts by the European Commission to regulate mo

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Lithuanians spend more on food

RIGA - Lithuanian households spend more money on food than households in Latvia and Estonia, the Lat

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Estonia ready for shipping on Peipsi

TALLINN - Economic Affairs Minister Edgar Savisaar has informed his Russian colleague that Estonia w

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