Savisaar backs idea of train to Riga

  • 2006-08-02
  • From wire reports
TALLINN - Minister of Economy and Communications Edgar Savisaar said last week that he backed the Latvian initiative to restore a passenger train connection between the Estonian and Latvian capitals. Meeting with Latvian Ambas-sador Rihards Mucins, Savisaar also said that also several entrepreneurs who were not satisfied with the existing state of affairs were interested in having the rail link restored.

"We welcome the plan of Latvian railways to open a route between Riga and Valga," Savisaar was quoted by spokespeople as saying.
The minister added that the main obstacle to reopening the route between Tallinn and Riga was the condition of the track between Tartu and the Estonian border town Valga, which is in dire need of repair.

The ambassador said he would inform the Latvian government about the Estonian plan, so that one could proceed to specifics during the meeting of Baltic transport ministers in Vilnius in September.
The Latvian rail carrier Pasazieru Vilciens announced earlier this month that it was planning to restore the passenger train connection between Riga and Valka, a town on the border. Trains last operated between Riga and Valga in March 2001.
There is currently no train connection between Riga and Tallinn.