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For the LOVE of the game

They have been called the Brazilians of hockey; the fans that never stop smiling; the maroon and whi

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Russian bill on national identity generates protests

An attempt by Russia's State Duma (lower house of Parliament) to define Russian national identity ha

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Integration of south Caucasus into European Union develops unevenly

Officials from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia were in Brussels this week for another round of talks

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Words of reflection

"In Lennart Meri, the world has lost a great Estonian, a great statesman and a true European… Ever

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U.S. think tank urges reassessment of relations with Putin's Russia

RFE/RL - A report by a prestigious Washington think tank says the administration of U.S. President G

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Four hours of oratorical drivel, compliments of a tyrant

RFE/RL - Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko made a nearly four-hour-long televised speech to

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EU gives Belgrade a deadline for arresting infamous Bosnian war criminals

RFE/RL - The EU told Serbia on Feb. 27 that it must catch war criminal suspects Ratko Mladic and Rad

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Chechnya: 'Climate of fear'

MOSCOW - After a rare tour of Russia's North Caucasus region, Louise Arbour, the United Nations high

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Chechens quietly remember mass deportations

RFE/RL - Russia honored soldiers and veterans with countrywide rallies and commemorative events on D

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Dead duck keeps bird flu scare alive

Lithuania underwent another bird flu scare this week after a dead duck found in Telsiai was taken to

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