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In brief - 2006-04-12

The European Union told Moldova this week to concentrate on essential reforms instead of focusing on

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New mission of the Kremlin, Orthodox Church

RFE/RL - In particular, the 10th World Council of Russian People, an umbrella organization of nation

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EU imposes travel ban on Lukashenko, other officials

RFE/RL - EU foreign ministers have imposed a visa ban on 31 top Belarusian officials, all of whom a

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Russia/Belarus: Is another gas war brewing?

RFE/RL PRAGUE - Only a few weeks after being reelected, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko co

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Russia gears up to improve image abroad

RFE/RL PRAGUE - A surprising number of contentious issues have clouded Russia's relations with the W

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In brief - 2006-04-05

U.S. Senator John McCain said Washington should respond harshly to Russia's undemocratic behavior. M

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Skonto Arena fails ice test

Last night Skonto Arena's ice has been deemed unsatisfactory by experts last night, that way forcing

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The Baltic Times - 10 year anniversary

Happy birthday to us! The Baltic Times celebrated its 10th birthday last week. And we did it in st

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U.S. Academics charge Putin with plagiarism

Thousands 's if not millions 's of pages have been written about Russian President Vladimir Putin, b

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Pentagon: Russia gave Saddam info on U.S. military

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has said the United States will seek explanation from Mosco

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