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The homeless conundrum

RIGA - A little over a year ago, Janis* injured his leg, and he wasn't able to work. Within months,

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Stockholm voids TV contract

RIGA- An international arbitration court has nullified a highly disputed digital TV agreement betwee

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Russia encroaches air space once again

VILNIUS - A helicopter violated Lithuanian air space on Sept. 1 by entering the territory from the K

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Euro adoption woes

VILNIUS - Adopting the euro currency in Lithuania would diminish the country's dependence upon Russi

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Kremlin official: Estonia's Russian parties are hopeless

TALLINN - Modest Kolerov, adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin, said Estonia's ethnic Russian

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Ruutel supports Estonia's participation in Iraq

TALLINN - President Arnold Ruutel emphasized the importance of Estonia's role in the Iraq mission, s

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In brief - 2006-08-02

While East Europeans flock to Germany for better wages, Germans go to… Norway. According to Statis

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As drinking increases in Belarus, government declares war

Drinking has become such a problem in Belarus that it is threatening the very existence of the natio

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Court condemns Russia for Chechen's disappearance

PRAGUE - In a landmark ruling, the European Court of Human Rights has held Russia responsible for th

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EU: Brussels mulls over its energy resources

PRAGUE - A new report underscores the growing importance of energy to the European Union's foreign p

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