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Putin lays it on the line with EU leaders

RFE/RL PRAGUE - Russia has taken an increasingly tough stance in its dealings with the European Unio

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Russian lawmakers decry dollar

RFE/RL - Russian lawmakers on May 24 gave initial approval to a bill that would slap hefty fines on

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EU Constitutional Treaty remains 'a bridge too far'

RFE/RL - The European Union has postponed making a decision on the future of its already stalled con

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Sweden takes home a gold medal

On the last day of the championship [May 21] in the battle for gold medal Sweden totally shut down t

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Hockey fans' overall results

Overall, about 50 people were detained and removed from the two ice arenas in Riga, during 2006 Worl

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IIHF announced awards and all-star team of 2006 IHWC

Niklas Kronwall of Sweden was named as tournament's MVP by the IIHF. The only other Swede to be so h

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Russia and Belarus out of the battle for championship's medals

On May 18 the Czech Republic has defeated Russia (4:3) in overtime in an IHWC quarterfinal at "Arena

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Canada beats Slovakia, but Sweden takes over United States

Canadian team [the winners of Group E] exploded for three goals in the third period to break a 1:1

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Vaira Vike-Freiberga thanked Latvian National Team

Latvian President Vaira Vike-Freiberga is satisfied with the national team's performance during

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Americans fail geography, but are other nations better?

RFE/RL - It's a classic joke with an element of truth. An American woman looking to vacation in th

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