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Blair faces a hard sell in Tallinn

TALLINN - U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair was due to arrive in the Estonian capital on Dec. 1 to conv

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The ins and outs of the Baltic countryside: a special guide

Tourists are flocking to the Baltic states in record numbers or, rather, to the capital cities. But

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Labor's charm wins over countryside

VILNIUS - The Labor Party's popularity is up in the stratosphere again. And party members have accom

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Slesers: Anticorruption bureau is tapping my phone

RIGA - Transport Minister Ainars Slesers dropped a bombshell on Nov. 24 when, during a televised int

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Curd snack advertisement deemed political

TALLINN - More than a month after municipal elections, the National Electoral Committee has adopted

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Estonia disagrees with Blair

TALLINN 's British Prime Minister Tony Blair's proposal to cut the upcoming EU budget is disadvantag

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Leaders determine Baltic Sea economic zones

VILNIUS 's Lithuania, Sweden and Russia signed a governmental agreement at the Foreign Ministry in V

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Adamkus questions party integrity

VILNIUS 's President Valdas Adamkus has questioned the ruling four-party coalition's ability to cont

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President attends EU symposium

RIGA - Latvian President Vaira Vike-Freiberga will attend a symposium on international law and polit

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Marie N. becomes goodwill envoy

RIGA - Popstar Marija Naumova, informally known as Marie N., has been chosen as UNICEF goodwill env

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