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Council of Europe closes post monitoring of Latvia

RIGA - The Council of Europe closed its monitoring in Latvia after the organization voted on Nov. 23

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Determined to transform Vilnius into the premier East European hub

One thing is for sure about Arturas Zuokas 's he loves to talk about Vilnius. Get him started on the

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Eesti in brief - 2005-11-30

Former President Lennart Meri (photo) accepted former Czech President Vaclav Havel's invitation to j

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Interior Ministry appoints adviser

TALLINN - Central Criminal Police Chief Lauri Tabur will begin working as an adviser at the Interior

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Judge joins Council of Europe

TALLINN - Supreme Court judge Julia Laffranque has been elected vice president of the Council of Eur

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Missing documents still a mystery

TALLINN - Some 68 confidential documents missing from the Foreign Ministry have still not been accou

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Spare no effort in promoting Mediterranean prosperity

Ladies and gentlemen. The almost 40 countries represented here today reflect a vast diversity of c

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Tony Blair arrives in Tallinn on Dec. 1 with a hard bargain. When The Baltic Times went to press, de

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Brawl raises questions over security conduct

VILNIUS - Two U.S. servicemen were entangled in a fight with a Spaniard in a Vilnius strip club last

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Lithuanian chosen as commissioner of the year

VILNIUS - A Lithuanian member of the European Commission has been chosen as commissioner of the year

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