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Metal shipment raises frightening questions

VILNIUS - The Economy Ministry permitted a suspicious Russian company to export nearly four tons of

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Cabinet moves to boost minimum wage

RIGA - The Cabinet of Ministers has announced plans to increase the minimum monthly wage from 80 lat

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Helicopter nosedives into bay, takes lives of crew and passengers

TALLINN - Twelve passengers and two crew members died on Aug. 10 when a commercial helicopter flying

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PM looses trust in police chief

TALLINN - After a recent scandal with Police Chief Robert Antropov, who used a department vehicle fo

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Kalvitis urges government to learn from past mistakes

RIGA - Officials who were involved with border-treaty discussion during the mid-90s were careless in

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Adamkus praises Eastern leaders

VILNIUS - Ukrainian President Victor Yushchenko met his Georgian counterpart, Mikheil Saakashvili, o

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Tallinn not to ban gay pride parade

TALLINN 's Despite opposition by clerics, the Tallinn city government reportedly said it could not b

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Jekabsons to take part in police picket

RIGA - Interior Minister Eriks Jekabsons said he would join a police picket outside the government b

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Environmentalists: Lithuania fails its sea eagles

VILNIUS 's Lithuania faces sanctions from the European Union as it has failed to preserve the roosti

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Russian ambassador slams gay pride parade

RIGA 's Russian Ambassador to Latvia Viktor Kalyuzhny thanked Cardinal Janis Pujats, head of Latvia'

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