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Movie review

This week:I Love HuckabeesSidewaysHappy End***** Excellent. Don't miss it!

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The King's Singers

RIGA - The famous British vocal ensemble, The King's Singers, will be performing in all three Baltic

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Pelmeni with a Mona Lisa Smile

RIGA - Tea is tea, however you look at it. And coffee is coffee. Well, no, not really. I suppose the

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Diary of a Baltic exile

Ahem. This is rather embarrassing, considering my grandiose exeunt from these pages, but I'm back. A

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Lithuania's oldest sporting tradition turns 100

VILNIUS - Sometimes things just don't make much sense 's such as the traditional horse race at Lake

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Keeping abreast of the competition

TALLINN - It's encouraging to see how Tallinn is developing into one of Europe's capitals of culture

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Ministers quarrel over EU funds

VILNIUS - A dangerous row has erupted in the Cabinet of Ministers between the finance and economy mi

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Minister wants investigation into gas prices

RIGA - Suspicions of price-fixing in Latvia's fuel market could finally be investigated after Financ

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WWF: Baltic fish are contaminated

RIGA - The World Wildlife Fund said this week that fish in the Baltic Sea may be too contaminated wi

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Proposed Stalin statue causes outrage

VILNIUS - A report that Russia would unveil a new statue to Joseph Stalin on May 9 all but made Pres

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