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Curonian Spit not likely to be put on danger list

VILNIUS 's Politicians said that the Curonian Spit, Lithuania's unique geographical formation and va

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Minister says he plans to eliminate doctor-drugmaker ring

RIGA 's Gundars Berzins, minister of heath, has unveiled his ambitious plans for the healthcare indu

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Ruutel defends statements made in Moscow

TALLINN 's President Arnold Ruutel has said that Vladimir Putin has no reason to renege on the promi

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Kalvitis: president made the right decision

RIGA 's Prime Minister Aigars Kalvitis said that President Vaira Vike-Freiberga had no other option

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Paulauskas: Stalin monument in Moscow jeopardizes Adamkus' visit

VILNIUS 's Parliamentary Speaker Arturas Paulauskas said that President Valdas Adamkus should not go

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Putin prepared to annul Molotov-Ribbentrop pact

MOSCOW 's Estonian President Arnold Ruutel announced on Thursday that President Vladimir Putin is pr

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Turkey's denial

I would like to start this letter with a word of genuine appreciation and gratitude. As a new reader

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GE to expand leasing deals

RIGA - General Electric announced last week that it would expand its financial operations through RD

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Rimsevics: repeg of lat goes smoothly, inflation to fall

RIGA - Bank of Latvia President Ilmars Rimsevics said last week that the repegging of the lat to the

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Analyst: Hansabank to pay juicy premium

TALLINN - Suprema, a leading investment bank, has predicted that Hansabank would pay a hefty dividen

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