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My Prima Donna Swamp Princess [ 10 ] : Repast

After my innuendo-laden outburst, I felt that, as Arva suggested, a warm meal might be the best reme

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The golden silence of film

VILNIUS - The root of modern cinema, with its captivating gloss and special effects, rests in silent

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Minhauzen madness

Latvia's one and only Minhauzen Museum provides a glimpse into the famous baron's Baltic manor house

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Remembering the nineties

TALLINN - Tallinn's Von Krahl Theater knows how to throw a party. For three years now, the modern dr

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TBT recommends - 2005-11-02

EstoniaSPEAK FOOTBALL? The Goethe-Institut's photo exhibition "Planet Footbal

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The hills are alive, again

RIGA - In what are a rather barren couple of weeks for worthwhile entertainment in Riga, TBT can onl

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French film giant Gerard Depardieu has said that his current movie would be his last.

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My Prima Donna Swamp Princess [ 9 ]: Rhubarb

For the residents of Kalvarija it must have been an odd sight indeed: A gangling academic in jeans a

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World cuisine with a touch of dill

Ten years ago, it was difficult to find a good pizzeria in the Baltics. Today, you can find everythi

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Kubrick's legacy

The extensive archives of film director Stanley Kubrick, who died from a sudden heart attack in 1999

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