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Getting physical in the Baltics

With an ever increasing focus on personal health, and perhaps a bit more expendable cash, folks in t

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TBT recommends - 2005-09-21

EstoniaINERNATIONAL HORSE SHOW 2005Fri 30 's Sun 2 's The Tallinn Internation

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Guitar legend just keeps on rolling

RIGA - Bill Wyman, that "dragging, booming bass player," was for three decades one half of the rhyth

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Summer slump

This summer saw a nine percent decrease in U.S. box office takings compared with last year.

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My Prima Donna Swamp Princess [ 3 ] : Resurrection

I managed to heave myself out of the mud and stand on my feet. But she was so weak she was incapabl

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Henri Matisse, The Master of Color

RIGA - Henri Matisse, born on Dec. 31, 1869, is often regarded as the most important French painter

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Out of town

The Mushroom Festival is a traditional event in the Varena district of Lithuania. This, the only mus

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Open air, wildlife and some popcorn on the side

TALLINN - If you're stuck in the city during the workweek, why not grab a breath of fresh air and he

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TBT recommends - 2005-09-14

EstoniaFALL FARMING DAYSFri 16 's Sun 18 's Introduce yourself to Estonia's f

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Setting the stage for a provocative theater festival

VILNIUS - Theater is always on the menu in Vilnius, but the annual Sirens Theater Festival is when y

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