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Savings in EU budget will have 'consequences'

I welcome the fact that the member states have now reached a deal. This is a very important politica

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'Not the way honest, democratic government should behave'

When Edward Burkhardt decided to invest in the Baltics, he went for broke. He sold his railroad busi

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As states living on the edge of the European Union, one of the greatest challenges for the Baltics w

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The last anti-American

They gave British playwright Harold Pinter the Nobel Prize for Literature last week, and the committ

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Peace Pipe

Baltic observers were not the least bit surprised by last week's announcement that ex-Chancellor Ger

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Too straight to be a politician

Robert Lepikson is a controversial politician in Estonia. Like Juri Mois, Tonis Palts and other succ

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Labor in Brussels 's for Lithuanian benefit

Ona Jukneviciene's decision to lead the Labor Party's European parliamentary election list last summ

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U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair left Tallinn last week with about as much as he arrived: next to not

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Determined to transform Vilnius into the premier East European hub

One thing is for sure about Arturas Zuokas 's he loves to talk about Vilnius. Get him started on the

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Spare no effort in promoting Mediterranean prosperity

Ladies and gentlemen. The almost 40 countries represented here today reflect a vast diversity of c

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