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Civic leaders feel sense of contentment

TALLINN - Hannes Astok is dressed in shorts and a T-shirt. His hair is dyed orange, and he needs a s

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A classier club for Tallinn's club class

Tallinn "Pina colada," a customer orders at the bar. The barmaid, Kristiina, tells him t

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Finnish gold and Suga flakes

RIGA - One thing is clear, there will be no shortage of mutual distaste and awkward run-ins in the M

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Riga Days 2004 - from sea to sky

Get ready for another helping of Latvian folk culture. Keeping with recent - and almost out-worn - R

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Baltic Pearl set to gleam

RIGA - It's the best of the best - a gathering of offspring from the Cannes, Venice and Berlin inter

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Presenting: Tadas Blinda - Lithuania's Robin Hood

VILNIUS - He robs the rich and gives to the poor. He spends years leading a band of outlaws in the w

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Czeslaw Milosz - Lithuania's native foreign son

"A Poor Christian Girl Looks at the Ghetto"I am afraid, so afraid of the guardian mole.He ha

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Poles dragging feet on energy-bridge

VILNIUS - Lithuania's energy operators are eager to find ways to shrug off the dependence on Russia'

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GMO products filtering in

VILNIUS - The number of genetically modified products is on the rise in Lithuania as tests carried o

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Kilowatts, gas cheapest in Latvia

RIGA - Latvian consumers have the lowest average electricity and natural gas bills compared with bot

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