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In brief - 2004-08-19

Erki Nool is looking to repeat his gold-medal performance in the decathlon, and to do so he spent a

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Betting operators fear match-fixing

VILNIUS - A majority of betting operators in Lithuania recently refused to accept bets on the outcom

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Lithuanians demonstrate supremacy on the court

VILNIUS - Lithuania's basketball team got off to a robust start in Athens, winning its first two gam

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It's best to send the bad coffee back

When I first arrived in Estonia to do some research about education, I was very curious about how pe

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Thirteen years after the fall

In August 1991 Sergei Gorokhov was a member of the Narva City Council. Together with a group of loca

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Time to challenge Russia

To call South Ossetia a "rebel region" or a "breakaway province" of Georgia flatters it with the lan

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Few of us can comprehend what it means to be a member of a people or group of peoples that is slowly

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Good deals for possible homeowners in Tartu

Those interested in acquiring living space in Estonia's second largest city will find that the picki

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Intellectual center becomes international crossroads

TARTU - When Joshua Dean from the United States arrived in Tartu last year to take a Baltic studies

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City officials hold virtual session

TARTU - City officials in Estonia's second largest city recently decided to embrace technological ad

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