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President awards saviors of Jews

VILNIUS --- Acting President Arturas Paulauskas honored the rescuers of Jews during Nazi genocide in

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Eastern labor forces barred

VILNIUS - Laima Savickaite, a university student, was hoping to obtain the maximum benefit of EU acc

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Structural funds: brains or asphalt?

TARTU - Like all acceding countries, Estonia is eager to gain access to the union's structural funds

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In brief - 2004-04-29

Latvian bakeries believe that after joining the EU, eating habits will not change and Latvians will

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Narva going to Europe with mixed feelings

NARVA - During the referendum on accession, Narva was practically the only city in Estonia where the

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Air traffic regulations merge with Europe

RIGA - Not only will Latvian soil become part of the EU, but the nation's sky will join as well. As

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Agriculture sector looks to restore profitability

TALLINN - Andres Annuk, 41, assistant professor at Estonian Agricultural University, gave up his she

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Fish industry sees a catch-22 in new regulations

RIGA - Baltic fishermen and fish processors will witness a sea of change in industry regulations com

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Rethinking Europe's energy dependence

ALMERIA, Spain - Standing in Spain's Tabernas Desert, it is difficult to imagine that this barren sc

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Latvian ports fall behind, look to catch up

RIGA - Though it has proven to be unprepared for EU accession, the leadership of Riga Free Port has

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