President awards saviors of Jews

  • 2004-04-29
  • By The Baltic Times
VILNIUS --- Acting President Arturas Paulauskas honored the rescuers of Jews during Nazi genocide in World War II. The presidential decree listed 23 people to be awarded, although only two – Vladas Beinaravicius and Romualdas Daugirda – were still alive to receive the honor.

The rest of the awards were given to the saviors' relatives.According to the presidential decree, medals were granted to people that saved Jews form Nazi genocide despite deadly threat to themselves and their family.
During the ceremony Paulauskas declared that Holocaust "remains inerasable shame of the 20th century and is a permanent scar on the face of Europe."
The acting president emphasized that Lithuania would always remember lost lives.
During the ceremony Rabbi Chaim Burshtein held a prayer for the 6 million Jews who died during the Holocaust. The medals were granted on April 28, the day of remembrance for victims of the Shoa.