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Letters to the editor

Disco terrorThank you very much for your article ("Crime and occasional punishment" in TBT #402)

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Putting Europe first and homeland second

Latvia's commissioner-designate to the EU, Sandra Kalniete, has had a long career at the forefront o

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Estonia's Center Party is long overdue to dissolve, implode or otherwise undergo a significant inter

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Spicier life for foreign chefs in Riga

RIGA - At long last, the taste and smell of an increasing number of foreign lands can be experienced

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Estonian shops play culinary catch-up

TALLINN - With each new type of spice packet added to the shelves of major supermarkets and small sp

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Improved supply network inspires chefs

VILNIUS - Jurgen Weis has been cooking as long as he can remember. The Swedish born chef who now ove

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Estonia gets another foreign branch

TALLINN - Vereins- und Westbank AG of Germany, announced that it was about to open a branch in Eston

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What Latvians should expect from EU membership

On May 1 Latvia will become a member of the EU and is therefore supposed to benefit from the freedom

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Vilniaus Bankas under fire

VILNIUS - A dispute between the Finance Ministry and Vilniaus Bankas, the country's biggest commerci

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Inflation dogging Latvia

RIGA - Inflation continues to haunt Latvia, with Eurostat, the European statistics office, reporting

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