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VP Market embracing Estonia, Lidl may soon open in Lithuania

VILNIUS-TALLINN - VP Market, the Baltics' largest retail chain, announced that it would open its sec

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Lietuva in brief - 2004-04-22

Acting President Arturas Paulauskas led a delegation to Ukraine on April 19-20, where he met with Pr

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And here's the competition...

Ceslovas JursenasCalled the Social Democratic Party's "gray eminence" in the presidential race.

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Bangladesh voices concerns over return of helicopters

VILNIUS - Bangladesh has threatened not to cooperate with the Baltic country, accusing it of taking

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Latvija in brief - 2004-04-22

Aleksandrs Damsons died after crashing his homemade aircraft near the town of Salacgriva in northeas

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Slakteris 'spills the beans,' angers right-wing MPs

RIGA - By announcing that Latvia might host the 2006 NATO summit, recently appointed Defense Ministe

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Officials growing more irritated by school protests

RIGA - Several thousand ethnic Russian schoolchildren skipped classes on April 15 - the fifth time s

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Eesti in brief - 2004-04-22

Parliament will likely approve a new packaging law that will introduce a deposit on returnable glass

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Parliament prolongs mission in Iraq

TALLINN - Despite declining public support for participation in the U.S.-led campaign in the Middle

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Laurinkus: department has lots of compromising material

VILNIUS - If the shortcomings in Lithuania's political culture are not eliminated soon, a blow simil

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