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Once again Tartu is the party place to be

TALLINN - Anyone who has ever been to Tartu always comments on the special student spirit that is so

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Income in the shadows: a recent survey

VILNIUS - A recent survey conducted by the market research group RAIT has shown that almost one-fift

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Latvian trade fully oriented toward EU partners

RIGA - After accession to the EU, over 80 percent of Latvia's foreign trade will be with the EU inte

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IMF bullish on Baltic economies

RIGA - The latest world economy report by the International Monetary Fund states that the three Balt

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Company briefs - 2004-04-29

Oil producer Geonafta has begun looking at foreign oil production projects and vowed to move its bus

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Eesti Gaas ponders expansion to twin towns on border

TALLINN - The Estonian-Latvian twin towns of Valga and Valka may soon be hooked up not only by the c

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Krajbanka skips private equity and goes public

RIGA - Latvijas Krajbanka announced last week that it planned to go to individual investors to raise

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Two Russian businessmen behind port deal

TALLINN - Russian oil businessmen Andrey Katkov and Yevgeny Malov are reportedly the individuals who

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Rokiskio Suris signs banner deal with Italian cheese giant

VILNIUS - Rokiskio Suris, one of Lithuania's largest dairy groups, announced this week that it inten

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Competing systems finally interconnected

RIGA - Fixed-line telephone calls between Baltkom's and Lattelekom's networks finally became a reali

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