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Harsher punishments for crimes in Estonia?

Criminologists have been wondering about the effects of making sentencing policies stricter or more

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Latvian labor law: Any need for further reform?

In the European Union employment law is basically left up to the member states. It is not surprising

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Village redefines concept of sauna-going

TALLINN - Ironically, there may not be a single sauna on Tallinn's Sauna Street, yet a plethora of t

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Mud and sulfur as elixir to resort's future

JURMALA - With a range of exclusive health resorts available in Jurmala, the competition is fierce.

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City celebrates Capital Days in burning colors

VILNIUS - Vilnius has a new self-perception, an image that it's eagerly waiting to unveil during the

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In brief - 2004-09-02

Trigon Capital, an Estonian investment bank, is planning real estate activity and looking for a new

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Buying a new apartment still a risky venture

TALLINN - For the average Estonian familiar with the vagaries of Soviet-built residential housing, a

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Urban development redefines Kipsala Island

RIGA - The construction of residential highrises is currently sweeping up Riga in its dust, and it's

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In search of the perfect Baltic burger

The burger has a bad rap not only in the Baltics, but throughout the continent. Mention this icon of

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Good deals for possible homeowners in Tartu

Those interested in acquiring living space in Estonia's second largest city will find that the picki

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