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Red-hot economy is perfect environment for startups

VILNIUS - With the economy reaching unheard-of levels of growth, savvy entrepreneurs are entering th

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Estonians make small businesses look easy

TALLINN - When it comes to Estonian business projects, bigger is better. Because municipalities are

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Thanks to streamlined rules, Estonia teems with business

TALLINN - Starting a new business in Estonia can be simple and quick, taking as little as one day, t

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Business startups a tedious obstacle course

RIGA - As rewarding as it may be, opening a business in Latvia can be a legal and bureaucratic night

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Amount of foreign investment expected to recover

VILNIUS - Despite the spectacular development of Lithuania's economy, the fastest growing in all Eur

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Economic development with an asterisk

RIGA - Looking through the prism of Latvia's economic future, experts agree that wood, transit, tour

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Headhunters adapt to changing market trends

TALLINN - Just as Estonia is joining the European community of nations, the country's human resource

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Taking counsel

In order to help readers understand the new, postaccession legal framework of the Baltic states, The

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Eastern mentality clashes with Western management style

RIGA - Latvia is officially a European member. And although there are transitional laws in place reg

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Eastern labor forces barred

VILNIUS - Laima Savickaite, a university student, was hoping to obtain the maximum benefit of EU acc

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