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Welcome to Europeade

Europeade is one of the biggest and most important international folk culture festivals in Europe. T

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Hospitality with a personal, natural touch

JURMALA - As far back as the 19th century, Jurmala was regarded as the perfect holiday destination f

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Sliding at full speed in complete safety

JURMALA - Thankfully, there is a refuge from the torrential rain. Locals and tourists can now hang u

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Brewers holding their 'barley' breath

RIGA - When Vitalijs Gavrilovs, the beer maestro of Latvia's largest brewery, Aldaris, tendered his

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Microbreweries enjoy a break

TALLINN - The small breweries that managed to sail through the turbulent waters of the mid-1990s eco

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Colorful ads try to perk up dreary sales

VILNIUS - A salty-looking sailor at the helm of a ship caught in stormy seas. A team of men pushing

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Latvia sees a rebirth of U.S. investment activity

RIGA - With accession to the EU and NATO, Latvia is honing its reputation as a premier East European

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Estonia awaits second wind from America

TALLINN - Although investments from the United States have decreased in the last several years, busi

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The windy city that wants to blow people away

LIEPAJA - One of the strange things about Latvia is that it is effectively a one-city country and as

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Lithuanian resort marketed as international party town

PALANGA - Palanga's well-worn tourist paths are getting a face-lift this season, as the resort town

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