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Construction workers stumble across history

TALLINNConstruction workers building an underground parking garage uncovered a 400-year-old tunne

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New Baltic fund honors independence writers

NEW YORKAlgis Tomas Geniusas, a Lithuanian writer known for his accounts of imprisonment in gulag

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SARS not here yet, but doctors are ready

VILNIUSWhile there have been no cases of the potentially fatal lung disease Severe Acute Respirat

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Vike-Freiberga: Eastern Europe's new voice?

RIGAOne person stands out amid the rows of men in dark blue and black suits in a photograph of Eu

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Expansion dream comes true

ATHENSLess than 12 years after gaining independence, the three Baltic nations on April 16 in Athe

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How Latvia learned to love the sacred puck

RIGA Latvians take their hockey very, very seriously. The annual Ice Hockey World Championships a

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Disappointing day for Lithuania

Like many viewers, I sat riveted to the television on the afternoon of April 9. Seeing the fall of I

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Last week's coup d'├ętat in the Vilnius mayor's office - and to a lesser extent in Daugavpils' as wel

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Russia's anti-Americanism

If the Russian media are to be believed, rampant anti-U.S. sentiment is alive and well in President

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Balta to pay out dividends

RIGAThe insurance group Balta will pay 0.21 lat (0.33 euro) in dividends per share for last-year

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