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Anti-EU forces mobilizing against referendums

BRUSSELSThe European Union's far-reaching enlargement next year is no done deal for the continent

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Whistle-stopping Eurobus

Lithuania "It's a good thing that the government finally decided to tell us what the hell this Eu

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In Brief - 2003-04-17

Russia unhappy with school reformRussia's Foreign Ministry said it regarded the planned transitio

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Athens to assuage allies

RIGABaltic leaders are in Athens this week for the historic signing of European Union membership

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Tartu getting innovative

TARTUWould you exchange your new Mercedes Benz for one white laboratory mouse?You might have t

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Political intrigue embroils Lithuania

VILNIUSAnger and indignation boiled over on Lithuania's political scene, culminating in a major d

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Baltic round-the-clock love affair with flowers

RIGALondon may be one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, with a population of some 9 m

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Estonian pop music faces tough times

TALLINNMention selling 3,000 copies of a record to Susan Lillevali and her eyes light up. "3,000!

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Letter to editor

Lithuanian example(In response to "Ballroom Bums" in TBT #349)Your claim that by cultivating t

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Six goals for new NATO

When I first took up my assignment in Brussels in the summer of 2001, the conventional wisdom at NA

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