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As a witty pundit put it recently, "You know the world is going crazy when the best rapper is a whit

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Europe's defining period

President George W. Bush in his historic speech at Warsaw University said that he believed the commu

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Jet-setting master chef

Sandra Kalniete was appointed foreign minister in November. A former ambassador to France who speaks

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Hansapank paying out

TALLINNAt their annual general meeting on April 3, Hansapank shareholders approved the annual rep

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Nordea credits timber company

RIGANordea Bank has extended additional financing to Swedwood Latvia, a timber company, to the tu

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Deficit bound to widen this year

VILNIUSThe central government collected 2.1 billion litas (626 million euros) in total revenues i

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Households have more cash to burn

TALLINNThe average monthly disposable income per household member was 2,500 kroons (160 euros) in

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Euro-zone growth looking dismal

GreeceThe euro-zone economy is set to grow by 1 percent this year and 2.25 percent in 2004, provi

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Ventspils deal surprises all

RIGAThe Baltic Index rose 3.7 percent over the last week to 189.91 points, its highest level in y

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Real estate funds may cheer up markets

TALLINNThe growing appetite of both private and corporate investors has created an auspicious env

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