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Russian oil majors announce merger

MOSCOWTwo of Russia's biggest oil producers, Yukos and Sibneft, announced a merger on April 22, c

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New handset saves Nokia

HELSINKINokia, the world's leading mobile phone maker, posted a 13 percent rise in profits in the

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Poland buys U.S. fighters, rankles Prodi

WARSAWPoland and the United States finalized a contract April 18 on the supply of 48 F-16 jet fig

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In Brief - 2003-04-24

Better pipes for Tallinn WaterThe supervisory board of AS Tallinna Vesi (Tallinn Water) has endor

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Foreigners eyeing Preatoni Pank

TALLINNA group of Norwegian investors are seeking to buy the shares in Preatoni Pank in Estonia,

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Milk dumping probe dropped

RIGALatvia's Domestic Market Protection Bureau has failed to gather enough evidence to prove that

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New hotel chain opens up doors

TALLINNUniqueStay, a hotel set on becoming a Pan-Baltic chain, launched its first operations last

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Wars, SARS forcing Balts to rethink holiday

RIGATension in the Mideast due to the war in Iraq and fears of the SARS virus spreading unchecked

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Lithuania pushes for new atomic plant

VILNIUSAs Lithuania prepares to shut down its controversial Soviet-built Ignalina nuclear power p

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East Europe appeals to save Radio Liberty

RIGASeveral Eastern European countries, including the Baltics, have sent a jointly signed letter

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