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NIB still investing in Baltic women

Baltic women entrepreneurs are set to divvy up 3 million euros in new funding from the Council of Eu

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In Brief - 2003-02-20

Iron horse goes onlineAS Edelaraudtee (SW Railway) is to offer Internet access on its Tallinn-Tar

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Private labels a perspective niche for retailers

RIGAAlthough private label products have been on shelves in Latvia for less than a year, they are

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Anti-dumping negotiations break down

RIGALatvia and Lithuania edged closer to a trade war on Feb. 18 as the joint committee of the Fre

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Russia's communists a dying breed

AFP MOSCOW"The party is dying." Or so thought top Russia's Leninists on Feb. 14 as they marked

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Washington won't cut farm subsidies alone

TOKYOSounding a warning to the European Union and Japan, a U.S. trade representative said on Feb.

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Denmark wants limitations on labor market

COPENHAGENDenmark plans to protect its labor market from a potential influx of workers from Europ

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Poland's EU referendum could last two days

WARSAWPoland's Parliament opened the way for a referendum on European Union membership to last fo

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Mandatory referendum

VILNIUSParliamentary Chairman Art-uras Paulauskas together with several lawmakers decided on Feb.

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Chechen separatist gets Lithuanian citizenship

VILNIUSLithuanian President Valdas Adamkus has conferred Lithuanian citizenship on a leader of th

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