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Low turnout at anti-war protests

VILNIUSThe Baltics barely registered a blip on the international anti-war demonstration screen Fe

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Creating the symbols of state and defending the dead

Heraldry is an art form that is a mystery for most people, made up of strange looking creatures, Lat

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The challenge for Latvia

Currently the debate on the situation in the Middle East is intensifying in Latvia. I am following i

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"We're not breaking up the alliance," Colin Powell told politicians Feb. 11 in Washington. "The alli

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No state-sponsored elitism

One of my college professors once said, "If you really want to see how class is defined in society,

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Making the game beautiful in Estonia

Although soccer's popularity in Estonia has never surpassed basketball or skiing, the recent achieve

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Output soars in Latvia

RIGAIndustrial output in Latvia last December increased by 11.9 percent from December 2001, repor

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Boom in e-services

RIGALatvian banks last year saw a boom in the use of electronic banking services, as the number o

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Unemployment edges up

VILNIUSLithuania's unemployment rate edged up by 1.2 points to 12.1 percent over January, driven

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Baltic fund tops Swedis industry last year

RIGAA mutual fund devoted exclusively to Baltic stocks finished first place among all funds in Sw

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