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Livonian language coming to a sad, final full stop

Livonians are the second indigenous people of Latvia. But today only 177 people are described as Liv

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Acting naturally down on reality farm

RIGAReality TV is another of those oxymorons so peculiar to the English language. There's nothing

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Women's Day maintains its tenuous hold on Estonia

TALLINNInternational Women's Day on March 8 was one of the most important dates in the Soviet cal

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Cleaning upTallinn's annual icicle deluge

TALLINNStroll down any sidewalk in Tallinn's Old Town this time of year and something dangerous i

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Vilnius expatriates giving as good as they get

VILNIUS More and more foreigners are living and working in Lithuania as it increasingly opens up

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Baltic tourism set to thrive on taboo of Soviet culture

VILNIUSThe Baltic countries just can't get away from their past. Thousands of tourists who come h

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Creating the symbols of state and defending the dead

Heraldry is an art form that is a mystery for most people, made up of strange looking creatures, Lat

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Rigans walking on thin ice

RIGAIt's a slightly surreal spectacle. If you look out over the vast expanse of the frozen Daugav

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Mamontovas as popular as ever, despite new anti-pop stance

VILNIUSIt's been nearly 12 years since Andrius Mamontovas, then lead singer of FOJE, Lithuania's

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Kino Riga paints a pretty picture of the cinema

RIGAEverybody loves a good film. But while sitting at home with some food on your lap and a DVD m

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