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Historic church tower to be back on top

TALLINNTourguides like to point out a certain spot on Tallinn's Town Hall Square where visitors,

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How Latvia learned to love the sacred puck

RIGA Latvians take their hockey very, very seriously. The annual Ice Hockey World Championships a

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Baltic round-the-clock love affair with flowers

RIGALondon may be one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, with a population of some 9 m

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Estonian pop music faces tough times

TALLINNMention selling 3,000 copies of a record to Susan Lillevali and her eyes light up. "3,000!

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Weather readers who tell it like it is

RIGAIt's official - spring is here. And with it the most fickle and erratic weather of the year.

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One Lithuanian's lucrative turkey of a story

VILNIUS Every couple of months, Leonas Rutkauskas drives to Poland to pick up chicks - often as m

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Estonian girls provide living models for the fashion world

TALLINNWhen Estonia's newest modeling agency, Living Models, recently held its launch party in Ta

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Lithuanian TV drama that crosses bold new borders

VILNIUSWhile the Lithuanian government ponders new ways to increase exports of dairy products and

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Baltic music takes center stage at prestigious Berlin festival

BERLINMusic from the Baltics will be heard in concert halls and club lounges in Berlin this comin

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Time running out for homebred horses

TALLINNOnce they were the breed of choice for officers in Russia's imperial calvalry. Later they

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