Crossing the divisive borders of history

SEJNYSejny is little different from any other small, provincial Polish town. It has a few struggl

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War camp open for business

VILNIUSU.K. television viewers will soon get a taste of World War II prison camp life, thanks to

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How to get tea and symphony at a snip

RIGAIf you were a composer shopping around for a talented and reasonably priced symphony orchestr

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Healing with the art of gardening

ALYTUS Some happy stories take a long time to flower. Just ask Kestutis Ptakauskas. He was sent t

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Business and vodka go unmixed in Lithuania

VILNIUSThere was a time not all that long ago when negotiating any kind of business deal in Lithu

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High-tech hunting in new global game

TALLINNWhen U.S. President Bill Clinton lifted restrictions on the use of the Global Positioning

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Soup theater that serves up something for everyone

TALLINNSometimes the key to creative success is sitting right in front of you. Literally. There h

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Lithuania pawning morality for TV romp

VILNIUSLithuania is often typecast as the most morally upright of the three Baltic states. But, i

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New literature centers spread the word for Baltic writing

RIGABaltic literature is sadly absent from the shelves of most bookshops around the rest of Europ

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