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EU 'expansion' summit falls flat on face

RIGA - What was supposed to have been an occasion of momentous historical importance, the creation o

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Though dramatic, 2003 was the 'Year of Confirmation'

RIGA - Many journalists admittedly have a deranged sense of excitement. Where others may find comfor

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ABCs on how to thrive in future EU

TALLINN - "Ask not what Europe can do for you, but what you can do for Europe."The remark, with ap

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Seimas plays Grinch to Paksas' Scrooge

VILNIUS - Lithuanian lawmakers have handed President Rolandas Paksas, who refused last week to cave

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Pro-Western liberals ousted from Duma

MOSCOW - Russia woke up to a new political landscape Dec. 8 after liberal parties were all but shut

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New pro-Kremlin party torpedoes communists

MOSCOW - A new Russian party that analysts believe the Kremlin forged to steal support from the comm

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International observers describe elections as unfair

International observers said on Dec. 8 that Russia's parliamentary elections failed to meet many dem

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Parliamentary elections hand Putin unrivaled, 'czarist' power

MOSCOW - President Vladimir Putin will be able to do as he pleases during a likely second term, anal

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Lithuania in brief

According to the government statistics department, Lithuania witnessed its lowest ever birthrate las

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AviaBaltika accounts frozen by prosecutors

VILNIUS - Following a press release from the Lithuanian Defense Ministry last month that suggested t

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