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Big-time bowling on a rollicking roll in Riga

One of the world's less trendy sports recently came down the alley to the Latvian capital, as J. Mic

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Democratic deficiency

I find the so-called "leaflet scandal" very disturbing since it appears Latvia has slander laws that

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How to cover terrorism: the new media rules

Rule One: When covering terrorist attacks, do not discuss the political context of the attacks or th

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Patriots for a price

Latvia's outgoing parliament and government have brilliantly demonstrated why politics is dirty, cro

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U.S.-style campaign minus the ideology

The Estonian media called them the most hotly contested local city and town elections in the country

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Not just a train passing through

Gediminas Kirkilas is chairman of the foreign affairs committee of the Lithuanian Parliament and a m

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Investors support Hansapank, worry about Latvian Shipping Company

Strong financial results by Estonian finance group Hansapank were offset by losses suffered by most

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Parnu finds buyer for classy beach hotel

TALLINNThe government in Parnu, Estonia's summer capital where thousands of tourists flock annual

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Lithuanians snap up Riga mansion

RIGAA Lithuanian hotel chain has bought the historic Benjamins House, a historic Riga mansion, th

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European bank defends 'stupid' pact

FRANKFURTThe European Central Bank refuted last week criticism that a stability pact binding the

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