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Latvia beats Poland to go top

WARSAWLatvia upset Poland to highlight a weekend of Euro 2004 soccer in the Baltics that also inc

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Reports open EU door wider

Baltic leaders said they were pleased at a European Union report that recommended their countries fo

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Elections likely to consolidate coalition power

TALLINNEstonia's two ruling parties look set to consolidate their control of most of the country'

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Parliament OKs corruption czar

With a warning to European Union candidates to clamp down on corruption ringing in its ears, Latvia'

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Repse picks partners, spurns Skele

RIGAFour center-right and centrist parties say they have agreed to form a government with ex-cent

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Latvia braces for international folk invasion

RIGAFirst Eurovision, now Europeade - it is now definite that in two years' time Riga will host o

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Letters to editor

All SmilesYour editorial "The attack of the superstore" and Sara Toth's recent article about the

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New faces mean election success

In several countries in Central and Eastern Europe, new, often populist parties have emerged and enj

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Though not as resounding as he had predicted, Einars Repse's election victory seems to have recharge

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No ads are good ads

The outcome of Latvia's election was atypical. The parties that finished first and second invested t

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